Diseases That Could Be Cured with THC

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Diseases That Could Be Cured with THC

As the time goes by, it appears as if the researchers just come up with some new ways marijuana and its main ingredient THC could be used in order to benefit the mankind. Well, according to the researchers, there are some diseases that could be cured with THC, and right now, we are going to list them for you, and tell you a bit about them, and how they can be cured.

Alzheimer’s disease

Okay, marijuana can’t really cure the Alzheimer’s disease, but according to some studies, it can severely slow down the advancement of this terrible disease that attacks the memory center of the brain. According to Kim Janda from the Scripps Research Institute, TCH could slow down the progress of the Alzheimer’s, by blocking the enzyme in the human brain responsible for blocking amyloidal plaques, which kills the brain cells and allows the disease to move forward.


Multiple sclerosis

Canadian medical Association Journal has published that marijuana could ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which is a huge thing for all those who are suffering from this disease, due to the fact that these symptoms can be extremely painful. Thirty patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis were studied and it was shown that these patients did not respond to other treatments, but have felt less pain after taking marijuana. This happens due to the fact that the THC from this plant binds to some of the receptors in the human nerves, which causes the relief in pain. Also, it was shown that this plant could help with the muscle spasms.

Inflammatory bowel diseases

cannabis-and-digestive-issues-600x300This world is full of people who suffer from various inflammatory bowel diseases, such as the Crohn’s disease, and according to some people, these poor patients could be helped with medicinal marijuana. And the people who figured this out are not just any people, we are talking about the people from the University of Nottingham, who discovered in 2010 that some chemicals in marijuana, such as the THC, can help our bodies by interacting with the body cells that are important for the gut function and the responses in the immune system.


It is already known all over the world that marijuana can help people cope better with pain, and it can even alleviate it. Also when you combine it with the fact that it causes sleep, you get something that is great for all those people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It was discovered by researchers that after giving these patients marijuana, they start feeling much easier at sleeping, and this occurs only two weeks after taking this medicament.


Medicinal marijuana has been officially used to treat people who are suffering from Lupus, which is a terrible disease. During this disease, the body starts attacking itself, and no one still knows why it occurs. Well, the good news is the fact that there are some chemicals in marijuana that can calm things down when it comes to this disease. Besides that, marijuana also helps with the pain and nausea, symptoms that the people who have this disease usually suffer from.


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